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Face Oil FAQ

Curious about Face Oil? Check out our comprehensive guide to the top questions we get about this skincare hero and discover the benefits of incorporating it into your routine for a healthy, radiant complexion.

"Why should I use a face oil?"

Face oil is the ultimate super hydrator loaded with natural nutrients to fight signs of aging and brighten your skin long term.

"But I'm already oily."

Face oil is important for all skin types, not just dry skin. It's only a myth that oily skin types should avoid face oil. Using a face oil can signal to your oil-prone skin, "Hey, we're good on oil here," so your skin will lessen its production of pore-clogging sebum.

"Should I use a serum or oil?"

The short answer is both. They offer different benefits for your skin and you don't want to miss out on any good stuff.

Serums are potent solutions targeted to specific skin concerns wrinkles, dullness, breakouts, etc. They absorb deep into your skin's layers to work. Our skin is happiest and healthiest when its water and oil levels are balanced. Moisturizer provides water-based hydration.

Face oil is the other half of the equation. In addition to its own nutrients, face oil will also help lock in the ingredients from your serum so you get the best results!

"Do I use face oil day or night?"

Face oil can be used both day and night! We recommend using 1-3 drops in the morning and 3-5 drops in the evening.

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