Wonder who is behind your new favorite skincare brand?

Meet Madison Ruggieri, who has been behind the scenes in the skincare industry for a decade. Our very own is a Create & Cultivate 100 Honoree and shared some insight about running a skincare company:

What makes Onekind different? How have you differentiated the brand so it stands out above the competition and in a crowded beauty aisle?

Most skincare brands have a top-down approach meaning they tell their customers what they need. Onekind is built with the input of our community, so before developing a product we ask what our community what kind of product they want, how they want it to perform, etc and create a product based on their asks. We also want to be really transparent and fair about pricing and have that conversation with our customers. I think that's a completely new concept in beauty.

You've learned so much during the process, but what do you wish you could go back and tell yourself when you were first starting out? Why?

I wish I could tell myself that it's okay to not have all the answers. Not having the confidence to admit when you don't know something only holds you back from learning and moving forward.

"Be ready to work harder than you ever have and accept that there's a lot you'll need to learn."

Starting a new business is never easy. What have been some of the biggest lessons you’ve learned along the way and what have they taught you?

The biggest lessons have been personal—learning to trust in myself and my own expertise. I've realized that I am capable of more than I initially thought and that's something that no matter where my path ends up leading, I'll take with me.

Success is such a broad term and it means something different to everyone. How do you define success? Why?

Success to me is conceptualizing something, putting it out into the world and seeing other people fall in love with it.

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